Stonework and Masonry Condition Reports are an invaluable document for all owners of stone buildings. They form an integral part of a long-term maintenance plan, enabling an effective starting point from which to a) identify key decay mechanisms at work and b) build an archival record of the ongoing condition of the building fabric from which to develop maintenance and repair plans. These reports are typically produced following a close inspection of the fabric, often accessed using a crane or cherry picker to enable a full hands-to-fabric inspection. Where access restrictions preclude this, inspections can still be carried out by accessing the facades from as close a point as possible – often it is possible to access many areas of a building reasonably well via parapets, roofs and the like – and the use of telescopic and telephoto aids can be useful.
Our Stonework and Masonry Condition Reports provide a detailed analysis of the fabric, and can include any or all of the following items, dependent upon our clients’ requirements:

  • Assessment of Public Safety Risks, if any
  • Current Condition of Fabric (Stonework/Brickwork/Lead flashings/ Pointing/Drainage/Lighting, etc
  • Principles of Stonework Conservation
  • Identification of Key Modes of Decay
  • Need for Conservation and Repair Work
  • Consideration of Access Cost
  • Prioritisation of Necessary Conservation and Repair Work
  • Identification of Asbestos-Containing Mortars

Stonework and Masonry Condition Reports

Recent reports have been provided for provided for Sydney Town Hall; Sydney Central Station; Australian War Memorial, Canberra; Queen Victoria Building, Sydney; St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney; St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney; The Old Melbourne Gaol; Former Melbourne Treasury Building; the Chief Secretary’s Building, Sydney; the Lands Department, Sydney; to name a few.

Jasper Swann has also provided condition reports for the Australian Commonwealth Government for sandstone structures in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory and in Papua New Guinea.