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Stone Conservation Consultant

What We Do

Jasper Swann, Stone Conservation Consultant, provides a full range services in relation to the conservation and care of stone and brick buildings, facades, structures, monuments and objects, particularly those of heritage significance. From an initial survey, to the preparation and distribution of documentation for contract tender, including drawings and specifications, and frequently going on to provide Project Management services during the construction phase, Jasper Swann can provide the complete package, from inception to completion. Clients include building owners, public and private institutions, architects, heritage consultants, builders, Local Councils, and Commonwealth and State Government departments.

Stone Conservation Consultant

Stone Conservation Consultant

Jasper Swann also offers advice in relation to appropriate detailing and specification of new stone structures, and can provide independent assessments of the appropriate use and condition of natural stone products.
Specifically, our work includes the provision of:

  • Stonework and Masonry Condition Reports
  • Make-Safe Inspections of Sandstone Facades with Certification of Safe Status
  • Schedules of Stonework and Masonry Conservation & Repair Works for contract tender, including contract drawings
  • Advice and assistance with regard to documenting and specifying new stone projects
  • Stonework and Masonry Repair Tender Documents, Specifications & Returnable Schedules
  • Project Management and superintendent services on stone conservation projects
  • Quality Assurance during construction


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