Jasper Swann provides advice to Local Councils on any matters to do with:

  • Construction of new sandstone structures, especially in parks, gardens and civic spaces
  • Conservation of historic masonry and stonework
  • Making safe historic facades, issuing Certification of Safe Status

Construction of New Sandstone Structures – Parks, Gardens, Civic Spaces

Sandstone is a highly desirable and widely revered building material across Australia, and its use in parks, Advice to Local Councilsgardens and civic spaces is extensive. It is also an expensive material, so its use represents a significant investment in public spaces. It is therefore of paramount importance to use a) the right material, b) the right design and c) the right construction methodology to ensure that it endures for future generations. Jasper Swann’s focus is on guiding clients through each of these steps in order that a successful, long-term outcome is achieved.

Conservation of Historic Masonry and Stonework

This is a highly specialist field that requires specialist advice. Much damage can be done to historic fabric if the wrong advice is obtained. Sadly, many examples exist of inappropriate works having been carried out by operators possessing insufficient knowledge and skills, sometimes leading to the defacing and accelerated deterioration of items of heritage significance. The provision of independent, expert advice is an essential component of the conservation process, and one that serves the best interests of the building, the community and the client.

Making Safe Historic Facades

Historic masonry facades can often fall into such a state of disrepair that the very real threat of falling masonry can exist. This can present a significant risk to public safety that cannot be ignored. Click on the links to Make-Safe Inspections for more information on how Jasper Swann can provide Certification of Safe Status.