Advice and Assistance in Preparation of Stonework and Masonry Conservation Repair Schedules

Provision of Consultant Services to Building Owners, Commonweath Government Departments, Architects and Other Heritage Professionals

Over the past two decades, Jasper Swann has provided consultant advice to building owners, Commonwealth Government departments, and leading heritage and conservation architects, assisting them in documenting appropriate schedules of repair to sandstone buildings and structures of heritage significance. Engaged directly, the necessary advice can typically be provided on the basis of one or two days work in the field, often suspended from a crane in a man box or elevated at height in a travel tower or cherry picker. Complex and extensive facades may take longer. For smaller buildings with no significant access problems, appropriate advice can often be provided within a few hours. Jasper Swann also provides Specifications for stonework repairs, nominating appropriate methodologies for construction and conservation works, choice of stone, and advice on the use of appropriate mortars.

Jasper Swann Advice Assistance
Whether a building be large or small, obtaining independent advice ensures that only appropriate and necessary works are carried out and that the right materials are used. The provision of independent advice serves not only the best interests of the building, but also the best interests of the client.